Introduction of Shenyang University

Introduction of Shenyang University

The history of Shenyang University dates back to Fengtian Industrial School and Xinmin Public School established in 1906, more than 100 years ago. Throughout the long history, the university has been adhering to the motto of “academic study, social commitment, complete sincerity and diligence” and the philosophy of “scientific, democratic and open education”. It was awarded A grade in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education of China in 2007. With continuous growth of education power, the university has become a comprehensive institution of postgraduate and doctorate education, with undergraduate education as its main part.

There are 18 schools, 10 master’s degree authorization centers of first-academic disciplines, and 9 types of professional master’s degree granting in Shenyang University. With 67 majors of undergraduate education covering 11 disciplines of philosophy, economy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art, the university has more than 23 thousand students and up to 785 teachers with senior professional titles.

Introduction of International Education Exchange Center (IEEC) of Shenyang University

The IEEC of Shenyang University has the following main missions: global academic exchange and cooperation, enrollment of international students, teaching and management. As the most important part of Shenyang University, IEEC tries to adhere to the college concept of open mode of school-running.  

The IEEC has established academic exchanges and cooperation with 60 universities and educational institutions in more than 20 countries such as America, England, France, Russia , Korea and etc. The IEEC is successfully involved in a wide range of interchange of culture, education , scientific research, sports, art and the exchange of visits between teachers and students.

In recent five years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of  international students. The quality of the IEEC services in offering such an education has risen steadily. So far IEEC has received a total of more than 1,500 diploma and non-diploma students. Each year, over 300 oversea students from more than 40 developed and developing countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, choose to study for bachelor's degree, master’s degree and doctorate at Shenyang University.

Shenyang University is an examination site of the Chinese Proficiency Test. It has the independent undertaking qualification of HSK network exam. There are two bases in the IEEC of Shenyang University: Shenyang University-Tangfeng HSK Teaching and Examination Practice Center HSK Online Examination Technical Center

Another teaching feature, based on Chinese traditional culture experience hall and Tsing Dynasty experience hall, is the combination of language teaching and traditional culture, which specializes in situational teaching as well as language practice. The IEEC offers many different Chinese culture classes all year. When the traditional festivals come, IEEC will give lectures concerning with Chinese culture and also organize international students to participate practically in these activities, in which the students are always interested.

Education Programs for Foreign Students

PHD Program

1 major (Liaoning Province Governmental Scholarship of for International Students)

Postgraduate Program

21 majors

Undergraduate Program

Cover more than 60 majors in 11 disciplinary areas

Chinese Training

Long-term students (More than half year), Short-term students (less than half year)

Mandarin Enhancement in summer /winter Vacation

Language training, the outline of Chinese culture and recreational activities

Admission to the University

Applicants for common Chinese language training

Ages above 16 years old, under 60 years old, in good health condition.

Applicants for Undergraduates

Under 35 years old, at least senior high school diploma (or higher degree)or similar academic qualifications

Above HSK level 4 certificate, level 4 included (Applicants without certificate are required to take language training courses in IEEC)

Applicants for Postgraduates

With university certificate of undergraduate degree or diploma

Above HSK level 5 certificate, level 5 included (Applicants without certificate are required to take language training courses in IEEC)

Applicants for Ph.D.

With university certificate of graduation and degree or diploma

Above HSK level 5 certificate, level 5 included (Applicants without certificate are required to take language training courses in IEEC)

Documents and Material Required

1.Foreign Students Application Form of International Exchange Center of Shenyang University, Curriculum Vitae(Available at )

2.Diploma students are required to submit Graduate Certificate, the final diploma, Degree Certificate, Student achievement Certificate .(English notarized certificate needed)

3.Diploma students are required to submit  two recommendation letters and study plan.

4.One photocopy of passport front page and back page

5.Bank statement

6.7 Photographs(4.5×3.5cm)

Deadline for application: At the end of November and May every year

Application Procedures

1. Submitting application materials: Obtain through mail or download the Application Form at http://studyatsyu Mail or fax the form, together with the Verification Letter of Final Diploma, a photocopied school report, a photocopy of passport and the visa page (blank) to the International Students Office in International Education Exchange Center of SYU or sent E-mail to

2.University examination and approval:

The University will study the application materials and notify students of the results.

Time taken is 2 workdays.

3.Fee Remittance

Applicants remit the JW202 Form fee (RMB850), Tuition fee and postage to the account of IEEC of SYU (Shenyang Univeristy account can find in the Admission guide.),and then  IEEC will submit all the documents to government. Time taken is 20 workdays.

4.fee payment

IEEC will scan JW202, admission letter and payment list, and sent to all applicants by the email. students should pay all the fees according to payment list and payment method. After we  have  received the above mentioned fees, IEEC will post JW202 Form ,the Letter of Admission of SYU, Visa , Application Form and receipt to Foreign Students.

5Visa application

Applicants hold JW202, the letter of admission and receipt to their own country to have physical examination, and go to Chinese embassies to get visa for study in China.

6Arrival and Report

Applicants should inform IEEC of SYU before 15 days. Report to the IEEC of SYU when arrive with Letter of Admission, passport and 7 passport photo graphs,  2-inch certificate photos (without headgear). IEEC will arrange pick up, accommodation, etc.(details can be found in Admission Notice )

7China entry physical examination or verification of physical examination

fee for physical examination is about 700rmb, verification fee is about 800rmb. Time taken is 3 workdays.

8Applying for Residential Permit

RMB 400 (about $66) (No more than a year), RMB 800 (about $131) (one year).

Students with X1 Visa should bring Medical Examination Report to Division Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau of Shenyang to get residence permit. Time taken for the application is 15 workdays.

The course characteristic

1. about 20 students per class, small class teaching

2. open class based on HSK level. four levels: introductory points, the primary ,intermediate, and advanced.

3. Individualized teaching

4. Bilingual classes teacher’s tutorial

5. Scientific and accurate students’study result tracking

6. International cultural exchange club in IEEC.

7. Elegant and comfortable studying environment.

8. Examination-teaching combination teaching mode. Shenyang University is an network examination site of Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK).

The Chinese characteristic culture courses:

Chinese calligraphy, Chinese cooking, Chinese diet culture (package dumplings, dumplings, rice dumplings, making the moon cake), Beijing Opera facial masks (learn to sing the Peking Opera), Chinese paper-cut, Chinese tea art , tai chi, tai chi fan, Chinese martial arts, waist drum, Chinese national instrumental music appreciation, China's ancient architecture appreciation class.

Language practice and cultural activities:  

IEEC organize foreign students to participate in many kinds of important activities annually. Connecting them with the Chinese language teaching, they enjoy the happiness of going to the provincial International Tourism Festival. visiting museum and calligraphy works exhibition, experiencing Chinese traditional culture arts and so on.

Living Conditions

The international student dormitories of Shenyang University are fully furnished, clean and tidy , safe and comfortable.

Room Layout: 2 bedroom,2 bathroom and 1 living room

            1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 living room

Room Facilities: Cable TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, water heater(24 hours service),sofa, wardrobe and reading desk etc.  internet connection

Public Facilities: washing machine, kitchen.

Charging Standard

1.If JW202 form is successfully processed , the following fees should be paid to the bank account of Shenyang University. In Students have to finish all the payment 30 days before visa expired day every year.

First year tuition

Dormitory fee


2.International students with X1 visa should pay an annual fee at the time of registration. According to shenyang University regulations, the Diploma students should pay the insurance outright.

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